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NDVPerformance is a proven training system that combines oculomotor assessment with visual-cognitive exercises to boost eye-mind-body integration, helping athletes see quicker, react faster with more focus, consistency and mental endurance.


What is NDVPerformance?

Elite athletics demands optimal visual-motor functioning. Yet often these foundational skills are overlooked in physical conditioning regimens. NDVPerformance aims to change this paradigm through our science backed F.A.M.E. system, unlocking new levels of sports performance.


Our proprietary protocols leverage advanced technologies like the NeuroFit ONE assessment and immersive training simulations to systematically build the visual skills underlying athletic excellence.

The NeuroFIT ONE assessment gives a complete picture of an athlete's visual processing abilities compared to fully normed reference data. It allows identifying specific deficiencies to target. Just as important, it establishes objective baselines enabling training progress monitoring.


NeuroFit testing specifies the priorities for enhancement. The power of our F.A.M.E. system lies in direct training of these fundamentals underlying excellence.

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