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Our Story

NDVPerformance is a proven training system that combines advanced performance vision exercises, neuroscience and visual-cognitive techniques to boost mind-body integration to enhance elite athlete performance.

This training improves visual reaction speed for a competitive performance edge. The goal of the neurodynamic vision training platform is to develop visual skills that make the game feel like it has slowed down. Athletes develop heightened visual awareness improving anticipation speed, decision making, confidence and consistency.

Tribute to 'Dr Bill'

“Dr. Bill Harrison was simply the greatest baseball vision training specialist of all time”.  LOU PAVLOVICH, JR Editor/Collegiate Baseball

We acknowledge and thank Dr Bill Harrison and Ryan Harrison for their extensive contribution to the content development.

“Dr. Bill Harrison was simply the greatest baseball vision training specialist of all time”.  LOU PAVLOVICH, JR Editor/Collegiate Baseball. He spent more than 50 years studying how to train the vision of athletes at the highest level possible and passed away May 22, 2019 after a long, courageous battle with cancer. His sports vision legacy is a tribute to the amazing work he did which has helped thousands of baseball players perform at a higher level across the USA.

It was the summer of 2018 when Ryan Harrison decided it was time to bring his father's pioneering work in sports vision training to a wider audience. Ryan had grown up watching his dad, renowned optometrist Dr. Bill Harrison, work with elite athletes and sports teams to improve their visual skills. Dr. Bill had developed groundbreaking methods for assessing an athlete's vision and creating customized neurodynamic training programs to sharpen critical abilities like tracking moving objects, reaction time, and hand-eye coordination. 

The training approach centered on the mantra "Train Smarter, Not Harder." Rather than pushing athletes to simply practice more, Dr. Bill helped them hone the mental edge vital for top-tier sports performance. Ryan had witnessed firsthand how professional franchises and Olympians enhanced their games after training with his dad. He knew that these techniques could help amateur athletes and youth sports players as well.

Drawing on his business and training background, Ryan joined forces with Warren Modlin to launched NDVPerformance Brand in 2018 to make sports vision training more accessible. The company upholds principles of concentration, coordination, confidence and consistency instilled by Dr. Bill. Featuring the slogan “The Eyes Lead The Body,” NDVPerformance fuses science and innovation to advance Dr. Bill Harrison’s life work. 

Ryan and his team work with professional organizations and individuals across many sports to assess their visual abilities, pinpoint problem areas, and create tailored training regimens. Just like in Dr. Bill’s early days with pro athletes, clients learn to slow the game down by honing visual reaction time, accuracy, and decision-making. The NDVPerformance approach trains the eyes and brain in equal measure, driving skills development while preventing injury and burnout.  

As NDVPerformance celebrates successes working with youth, college and pro athletes alike, their vision expands for the future. Ryan aims to spread awareness so that every athlete can experience game-changing neurodynamic training unlocked by his father years ago. Just like all those years learning by Dr. Bill's side, the company stays true to principles of smarter training for better performance - helping clients see victory more clearly.

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