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Integrated Oculomotor Training

To reap benefits, organizations must properly implement our F.A.M.E. system. Our team helps establish centralized sports vision departments to oversee programs. The training is phased, beginning with general development then shifting to peak performance. Workloads are monitored to avoid overtraining visual systems. Activities integrate within existing practices and strength & conditioning.

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Eye-Mind-Body integrated training.

This desirable level of EMB Speed is often influenced by the coordination of a powerful pyramid consisting of several key layers. Think of this as a pyramid of athleticism.


The physical base of the pyramid is the foundation of the athlete. This is the skeletal muscular  system. This system is important to the success of the athlete and dependent on a number of important elements including strength, fitness, fatigue management, recovery & rehab and nutrition, but without the mind and the visual system, it is simply a rock.


In most sports this sensory input begins with the visual system. This is the input of information from our environment that tells us how to perform. In most sports, this sensory input begins with the visual system. Sensory input relies on excellent visual acuity usually beyond the traditional 20/20 standard. In addition to best corrected acuity, adequate, sports specific eyewear protection is needed to optimize environments including protective materials and contrast enhancing tints. Sensory-cognitive performance vision training is followed by sports specific pregame, in-game and post-game strategies to enhance performance.



This layer is influenced by mental skills, mental toughness and mindfulness. The athlete must have the desire to accomplish the task.


Our full-scale program begins with benchmark testing of your players' visual abilities using cutting-edge oculometric assessments. We pinpoint each athlete's visual strengths and weaknesses with scientific precision. Players receive tailored data reports identifying skills to target.


Next, our experts design fully customized visual training programs addressing those specific deficiencies. We feature the most advanced equipment including strobes, high velocity and high-capacity multitasking drills and immersive virtual reality to simulate game-like scenarios. The training integrates right into your existing practices and strength work for seamless implementation.


Our trainers will provide 1-on-1 guidance to ensure players adopt the techniques. We offer on-site training and remote consultation as needed. Athletes will perform regular reassessments to quantify gains and monitor progress. 

Regular staff and player education is important to maintain a high level of organizational alignment and ensure the latest research and technologies are being offered throughout the organization.

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