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"The goal of MaxBP is to share fun drills and cost & time effective tools to help you become the best hitter you can be."

"I use it day in and day out to kind of get my eyes and my mind prepped for the high speed high velocities of baseball but also change of speed and also pitch trajectories. It was it was a huge tool for me. And that's why I continue to use it with my guys". - Calix Crabbe 

"It's actually down in the gym to where I have the max BP I like that because it throws off speed pitches as well but where you narrow down the focus of that ball, even on that smaller ball to a smaller defined spot, it makes it so that when this baseball comes in there looks like a grapefruit in catching with that." - John Buck

Sean Casey - MLB Player

"That max BP machine I have at the house. I love that. Turn that thing up and you get some of those yellow balls in there."- Sean Casey

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